I am an immigrant who chose New York City as my home from the first time I arrived, a long time ago. I have a deep love and understanding for all of the unique historical neighborhoods in NYC. I have been a resident of New York for many years and currently resides in Gramercy Park. My international background and ability to communicate in English, Farsi and French and some Arabic helps her address the special needs of a wide range of domestic and international clientele. I have a unique perspective on New York real estate because of her broad-based expertise working in other major markets such as Los Angeles, Dubai and Tehran. 

One of my passions is traveling. I love to share my good fortune of exploring new places. I am excited to use this platform for that purpose. Living and traveling in different parts of the world makes it possible to have a deeper understanding of different cultures and enjoying the diversity even more. I hope you enjoy exploring with me and I would love to hear your traveling or life changing experiences as well. 

I do have another passion, which is real estate. I currently am very active in New York City and connecting to the rest of the world. Real estate is one of the most exciting subjects wherever I travel. So, this is a great way to connect my traveling with your real estate needs throughout the world. Especially in the greater New York area.